Pre-Listing Inspections

You might be wondering if a pre-listing inspection of your home is worth the cost, considering a potential buyer will likely do their own inspection. While, yes, you will have to pay for this inspection, there are far more advantages to doing a pre-listing inspection before your house goes to market.

  • You Learn The Condition of Your Home – The pre-listing inspection will eliminate the fear and stress that a home inspection with a buyer can bring. Since a home inspection comes after an offer is already made, the risk of losing a buyer due to a home inspection is very much a reality and can kill the sale of your home. When you learn about the condition of your home before it goes to market, you have a chance to learn what might impact the sale of your home.
  • Make Repairs – The advantage of a pre-listing inspection will allow you to make any home repairs that may scare a new home buyer from the purchase of your home. As a bonus, you will be able to use the repairs as features to attract buyers.
  • Price Impact – This type of inspection may help your realtor better price your home to attract the right buyer. This might even result in asking for a higher price point for your home.
  • Negotiation Process – Home inspections typically result in new negotiations. When you get a pre-listing inspection, the chances of that happening are far less. Since negotiating can be an exhaustive process, this may decrease the stress in selling your home.
  • Attract Confident Buyers – When you can go to the housing market with a pre-listing inspection, buyers know that you are a serious seller and take the care of your home seriously as well. This builds confidence among potential buyers and will help you attract the right one to your home.