Whole House Inspections

Home Inspector Looking at Window

Whole home inspections are likely one of the most familiar steps in the home buying process. These inspections are typically for buyers who are looking to learn more about the condition and structural integrity of a home. This inspection is comprehensive and includes many elements but here are just ‘some’ of the items to include on a home inspection.

  • The Grounds – We will take a look at various aspects of the grounds throughout the property. This can include landscaping, walkways, driveways, decks and patios, stairwells, retaining walls, and detached garages. We will also be looking for evidence of standing water and how the drainage system for the property is functioning.
  • The Structure – During your home inspection, We will also be looking at the structure to ensure that it appears in good condition. This can include external walls and siding, looking at windows and door frames, and keeping an eye out for larger problems like bowing, sagging and cracking of the structure. We will identify any water damage, staining, and any vegetation that might be compromising the home.
  • The Roof and Attic Spaces – Roof and attic spaces can be a haven of problems if not properly inspected. We will be looking for cracks and curling of shingles, inspecting the gutters and venting, as well as looking at the chimney and general composition of the roof or attic spaces.
  • Interior Rooms – The inspection of the interior of a home should be an exhaustive investigation. Some of the things that we will be taking a closer look at are the condition of ceilings and floors, as well as baseboards and drywall. We will pay close attention to how windows and doors open or close to be sure they’re functioning properly. In rooms like kitchens and baths, we will be identifying if water flows where it should be going, and to ensure that any venting or exhausts are constructed properly for the room.

    This will also include looking at the major appliances and mechanics of the home to identify that they too are working properly. Finally, we will make sure that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide systems are functioning, inspect the basement and crawl spaces to look at the integrity of the foundation, and inspect the plumbing and wiring throughout the home.